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Retreat Services

$125.00 for additional Wellness Session per person for the 3 and 7 days retreat
(regular price is $225.00)

$150.00 for 2 Hour Wellness Session

$225.00 for regular Wellness Session per person

Ascension Chamber Services

Dodecahedron Sound Chamber Session $125.00
A Soul Sound CD $30.00
Octave Wave CD Set $55.00
Structured Water $30.00
Meridian Sound Oil $15.00
Chakra Sound Essence Mister $25.00
Aura Sound Essence Mister $25.00
Combo 1 Oil and 2 Misters for $60.00


IQube Rentals    
Protection/Focus/Empowerment/Performance IQube Monthly Rental $200.00

Empowerment IQube Rental Monthly Rental $100.00

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